5 Minutes

Somewhere throughout my years, I have lost myself. I have become a wife and a mother and lost who I was. More than growing older, I do nothing for me. So this is for me. This is a place for me to find myself and who I am.

Right here, right now I am setting a goal of at least five minutes for me. Be it relaxing, or venting, or just self-examination. I deserve five minutes, not five minutes hiding behind a locked bathroom door pretending to use the restroom, but five minutes for me. Hopefully one day I will have more than that but for now that will do.

My life is far from perfect, and I choose to try to improve on who I am and how I feel about me. Where do I want to go in my life? What do I want to be? How can I become that person?

If I want to feel positively about my life and who I am then I need to make some positive changes.

I will find me again.